Monday, February 10, 2014


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Another use for window gel

Here is an alternate version witht the Sphere filter.

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And here's the original...yuck!

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I wish I had thought to straighten LOVE out a bi mre with PSE while I had the opportunity in my work flow.  Johnny loves putting these on the window for me, and he was as straight as he could be.

I really messed up my workflow last night and had to redo a few things and back track a couple of times.  What I did was not hard...a labor of love so to speak...but there were a few steps.  It was fun to work on while watching the Olympics.

I used Nix Color Efex Pro to alter the colors the way I envisioned them.  I forget which filters but I think one was nostalgic.  I used Noiseware to remove as much noise as possible.  I isolated the letters so the I could tweak them a bit and also so that I could use a Gaussian blur on the background.  It wasn't as smooth as I wanted.  I had to fix a few lines under the L with the spot healing and clone tool.  The two hearts also ended up being separate layers on the Sphere filter version.  I used a paper that PSE 11 has built in to make the frame and added a drop shadow to the center layer.  Although I fumbled arouond a lot, I am sure I could redo it better next time.

I did a lot of these gel cling cards around Valentine's Day two years ago.  Fun!  In this case I had added a cement wall texture over the gel cling.  When you do that, you can really remove any resemblance to the original gel look.

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I am sure there will be a few more gel cling cards this week:-)

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