Thursday, January 30, 2014


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Raleigh finally got some real winter weather yesterday.  I guesstimate we had 5" of snow.  It was certainly enough to completely cover the ground.  Schools are closed here for a 3rd straight day.  Not so great for the year round schedule which has the kids making the days up on Saturdays starting with this Saturday.  We beat the record low temp last night at our house with a temp of 3.  Brrr...  Thankfully while we were outside yesterday for 6 hours enjoying the snow it was in the 20s and not windy.  Donnie and I got the 400' driveway shoveled and it dried so we can get out if needed.  The kids packed the snow on the front yard hill and enjoyed 'sledding'.  Johnny and I hiked about 2.5 miles to and from the neighboring Carroll Howard Johnson Environmental Park.  It was a very scenic walk through the woods and along a stream.  I happily snapped as many pics as I could of everything from snow angels to a late day snowman that I made after the kids were in bed.  It was one of those days where it was great to be exhausted from so much fun.

My daily is a robin eating berries in the park.  I know I promised you  snow picture today.  Technically, it was taken in the snow, but I guess you don't really see any snow in the shot.  Below is a collage of some of my favorite pictures from the day.

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And here's our snowman.  I had to use a large tub to pack the 'balls'.  This snow would not stick!  The kids were pleased when they came out and saw him this morning:-)

I won't get to sit much longer. The kids are itching to go back out again!

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