Monday, April 1, 2013

NC Zoo Easter Weekend 2013

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I can't pick a favorite.  I got a bunch of good family and animal shots.  You know me, I'm the collage girl.

They had special Easter egg themed treats for various animals when we were there last Saturday, and we got to see several of the animals in action with them including the bears, lemurs, and seals.  We particularly enjoyed the river otters both at the glass and then being cuddly in their outside exhibit.  The moving dinosaur exhibit was AWESOME!  See us all afraid in the Jeep? And Donnie upper left and Madi middle right fighting for their lives from the ferocious creatures?  There are 2 baby gorillas at the zoo right now and a third on the way.  I was delighted to capture a picture of one of the babies.  We enjoyed the sunny day, each other's company (when the kids weren't wrestling Donnie), ice cream, and the long walk that is the NC Zoo.

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