Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bald Eagle on the Haw River

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Happy Easter!

We went to the NC Zoo yesterday.  It takes about 90 or so minutes to get there, and we take a route down US Hwy 64 that crosses over the Haw River.  I've gone over the bridge before, seen a great blue heron on the rocks, turned around, and walked onto the bridge to take pictures.  Yesterday, I spotted a Bald Eagle.  I've seen them at the zoo before and at other wildlife preserves but never in the wild.  I was just sure the instant I saw the big bird with a white head and dark body that I'd truly seen a Bald Eagle.  Donnie was quick to make a u-turn, park on the shoulder, and let me walk out onto the bridge.  Thankfully this location has at 4' plus shoulder so it's reasonably safe but the cars travel by at 55mph at least and it's windy and the bridge moves with the cars.  Anyway, I took a ton of pics both with my optical and digital zoom and then took the shot below zoomed out at the area.  Donnie figures the Bald Eagle was 300' out there.  He's on the right in a tall tree about halfway into this frame, but I doubt you can spot him in the shot.  Donnie wondered how in the world I could spot him.   Just my Eagle Eye:-)

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We had a great time at the zoo and I'll post zoo pics tomorrow after I've had more time to process them.

We dyed Easter Eggs last night.  Joey dyed with us although somehow is not pictured.  We had fun with the traditional vinegar tablets as well as food color mixed with some olive oil in the spinner device we had plus some sparkle glue and Joey trying salt and pepper...go figure.  Fun!

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