Friday, April 5, 2013

Great Blue Heron at Lake Crabtree

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Well, we didn't make it to Duke Gardens yesterday.  The rain, and I guess some sleet, moved in quick and heavy.  Donnie and I had a picnic lunch with us, so after our appointment, we swung into Lake Crabtree and parked looking out over the water to have our lunch in the car.  I saw a Kingfisher, several types of ducks, and various other birds.  It was calm and lovely.  I took a few pics through the window.  On the way out of the park, I hollered STOP as I saw this heron close-by looking for fish on the docks.  Of course Donnie obliged, and I was able to snap quite a few pics of him.  He was in the snatch a fish pose for a long time but never dove for a fish.  My daily image was captured as he stood up and moved to the other side of the dock.

I've altered the image using Color Efex Pro Detail Enhancer, Eye Bright Action from The CoffeeShop Blog, and Orton filter layter 25% also from The CoffeeShop Blog.

Here's the original cropped to the same size as my daily.

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These pretty daffodils were also in the park.

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Hoping now to go to Duke Gardens on Saturday.  We'll be reasonably warm and sunny again by then.  I am sure we can kiss our spring goodbye in about a week.  It will go form 50-60 to 85 in no time.  I saw 80 in our temps for next Wednesday so hopefully some of you still very cold will at least warm up some.

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