Saturday, March 23, 2013

Robin in the Flowers

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All the pretty purple flowers are blooming in the fields now.  They usually show up around Easter.  I see at least two types of wildflowers that cover the fields in the pretty purple but don't know the names.  Some would say weeds but not to me.

For several days I've been watching the robins in a patch near the main entrance to my neighborhood.  Usually there were 5 or 6 scattered about on the front lawn.  Yesterday when I finally stopped to take pics there was just this one.  I zoomed and cropped and the quality is not so good but somehow I still like the painterly feel and light on this little one who was sunning himself more than looking for worms.

I think the Bradford Pears escaped the cold snap.  And, yes, when I quote temps it is always in F.  We have another week of below average temps forecast here in central NC.  We won't be too cold at night but won't be too high during the day either.  Sigh.  This is making our spring baseball practices a bit chilly:-(  Both boys have started back btw.

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