Thursday, March 21, 2013

Carolina Wren Nest

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Tuesday when we were in the backyard cleaning up near my homemade greenhouse from PVC pipe and plastic, we saw a Carolina Wren go into and out of the greenhouse.  At first we thought he/she was trapped, but obviously she knew how to maneuver the openings.  Whew.  I went back to the greenhouse yesterday to  start cleaning it out in preparation for our move, and saw the Carolina Wren again and this time lifted some plastic and was surprised to see her nest.  I guess I shouldn't have been that surprised.  Those birds always build in odd places.  I quickly left only going back long enough to snap this picture. We'll stay out of there now until the eggs hatch and fledglings leave.  She is under some plastic and has built the nest in a very secure spot, so I am sure they will do well.  We'll make sure the babies know the way out too.

Johnny has been in a fort building mood lately:-)

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The kids are tracked out of their year round school for 3 weeks now.

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