Saturday, March 9, 2013

Happy Birthday

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This started out as some fun with the kids and LED lighted balloons and ended up as a birthday card.  No, it's not my birthday or Donnie's or the boys'.  Facebook doesn't tell me that I know anyone with a birthday today either.  But, if it's yours, have a great day:-)

The original shot shows Joey and Johnny stacking 3 balloons into a triangle shape in the dark so I could take photos.

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I'm a fan of inversion, and I just liked that result.  The background on the daily comes with Photoshop Elements 11.  I've just upgraded from PSE 7.  The main improvement I'm noticing is that it seems to use less memory to run.

Researching for my blog post, I discovered that apparently I'm not the first person to think these balloons would make a cool picture.  I love to use Google search and see what others have done.  In this case after the fact but sometimes before.

I ended up making this shot my cover shot on Facebook.  You can see Joey left and Johnny right enthusiastically helping me out.  We hung the balloons with yarn in their bedroom as a cool night light.  They really liked that!

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This was their idea of a fun shot:-)  Yes, Joey has a boo boo on his face.  He's all boy and didn't want me to put anything on it.  Sigh...

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On another note, there are mockingbirds nesting in the shrubs near the carpool line at the boys's school.  I am going to get a better shot!  This is what I got so far.

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I saw the hawk flying over Donnie's yard again today.  I'll keep an eye on them for a nest!

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