Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Glitter Glow

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I saw a photo on Facebook earlier this week where someone had taken a glass bottle and mixed a glow stick with the chemicals activated and what they called diamond glitter mixed in to make Fairy Dust.  I loved the picture and the idea and wanted to try it.  I have a bunch of glow sticks lying around for various photographs and special occasions and bought some inexpensive 'fluffy' glitter at Joann Craft and Fabric Store.  If you've ever used craft snow, well, that's what diamond glitter is like.  You don't want the metallic small stuff.  You need light weight somewhat see through stuff.

Cutting open the glow stick wasn't too difficult.  I had one of those 5" sticks (purple) and just used sharp scissors to cut off the top.  Obviously if you try this you should be as careful as possible not to come in contact with the chemicals.  Also, before handing the bottle to a child securely put on the cap.  There's not much liquid and I didn't have to worry about the bottle being too water tight. Most of the glow and wet glitter stuck to the bottle sides.

I was immediately amazed at what my concoction looked like.  Donnie was pretty impressed too.  And, Johnny volunteered to be my helper.  I had some ideas what I wanted for pictures.

Here's Johnny with his enthusiastic smile.  You can see the bottle.  I used to have honey in it.  I liked the flatness of the front and back for good viewing.

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I thought it would be cool if Johnny held the bottle in the dark and we saw his fingers on the jar.  Pretty neat, huh?

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Love this curiosity of a child shot too.

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Of course I had to take some macro shots too.  I posted one of them as my daily.  I applied several filters but what you are mostly seeing is the Picasa Cinemascope filter. Here is another macro that I liked.

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This one is inverted.

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Here's an article that talks about how glow sticks work.  Pretty interesting!

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