Tuesday, January 8, 2013


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Donnie got each of the boys a Fitbit Zip for Christmas.  What is a Zip you ask?  It's a pedometer that measures steps, distance, and calories burned.  It automatically syncs via your iPhone or computer and hopefully soon your Android phone.  You can compete with friends that have other Fitbit devices.

Pictured is an inverted image of Joey showing off a day this past weekend when he got over 10K steps.  He had a basketball game that day which got him over 5K and motivated him to really push himself up to 10K.  10K is the default goal, but you can change the goal.

Donnie and I each have a Fitbit One.  The One also tracks sleep and stairs climbed.  It is a bit smaller and recharges via a cable  (unfortunately proprietary instead of USB) instead of needing a new battery every six months or so like the Zip.  The One lights up so you can read it in the dark too.  The Zip does not.

Fitbit also announced a Flex wristband today too.

Whichever Fitbit you use, you'll like some of the handy integration and graphs on their website.  For example, here's a graph showing my steps over the last 30 days.

We also have the Aria scale.  The scale connects to the Wi-Fi to report your weight each time you weigh.  After an initial set-up, and with all 4 of us having weights that vary enough, it knows us each day and correctly tracks and graphs all our weights.

Our family would recommend any of these devices.  I keep up with making sure they don't get washed.  The boys are eager to wear them.  Donnie and I really think they help keep us moving.

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