Sunday, September 23, 2012

Heroes and Villains (and Prostate Awareness)

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In support of Prostate Awareness and the blue challenge for today.  This is an older glass shot from last September that I inverted, cropped, and added text to this morning.

The kids and I had a great time at Heroes, Villains and Special Effects day at the Museum of Life and Science in Durham yesterday.  

From 2008:-)  I guess this was their 5th year anniversary, and we've been every year.

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And from yesterday.  We were thrilled to see Chewbacca but missed not seeing Princess Leia.  The Carolina Legion chapter of the 501st Garrison does a great job delighting kids with Star Wars magic!

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Red Storm Entertainment  was there again with new backgrounds making green screen shots.  I loved the new Mad Scientist one.  These are so cool!

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Also, for the first time, we got to participate in David McClutchey's stunt choreography demonstration.  Check out this video of Johnny!


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