Thursday, August 16, 2012

Halloween Pennant

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As best as I can tell from Jeff's Dragonfly page, this is a Halloween Pennant.  For sure the variety of dragonfly is Pennant.  It may not be apparent from the picture, but this is a smaller variety of dragonfly.  Taken on a drive down my favorite graval/dirt road, John Adams.  Lately, I get discouraged when I drive down the road, so I haven't been going as often.  The farmer that lives on the road keeps messing with the beavers and mowing down desirable wildflower growth, and it pains me to see it.  The daily is a digital zoom.  from the Canon SX40 HS.  Not sure how that shows up on the exif.  I don't usually post digital zooms, but I thought this one was more interesting that the normal zoomed one and good enough to share.  I also took pics with my Canon S3 IS.  I keep going back and forth just trying to get the most sharpness and least noise.  

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This is the exact same ditch area where I took this daily two years ago.

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I like the greenery of the older shot and the fact that his wings are more perfect but the body was a tad overexposed.  So hard to get every element of a nature shot to be just right.  But I like continuing to try.

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