Saturday, July 21, 2012

Rain Delay at the Durham Bulls

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Donnie took us to a Durham Bulls baseball game last night, and we had seats out in center field.  Not where we normally sit but a fun place to be for a change.  It gave the kids a chance to move around a bit, hope for a ball from the right fielder, and enjoy the wide view of the field.  This picture of Johnny was taken just after the rain delay.  They moved the tarp back off the infield and were warming up to resume the game.  You can see it continued to rain but only slightly, and the rest of us were under a stadium umbrella happy to be dry.  Johnny on the other hand was walking in the water puddles at the bottom of the seats and not minding the rain coming down on him.  Lots of fun for him and for us to enjoy watching along with the game.

Here's a collage that I made to document our outing to the game.

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One of the reasons we chose to go last night specifically was that Friday night games have fireworks.  What a thrill to see them launched from center field essentially right in front of us and directly over us!

The kids are still enjoying playing cards.  We do Crazy Eights, Go Fish, and Old Maid and are about ready to introduce War and I Doubt It.

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This red-spotted purple butterfly decided to eat from my bird dish yesterday.  He was very pretty.

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