Friday, July 20, 2012

NC Museum of History

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We visited the North Carolina Museum of History yesterday. The boys and I had been once or twice before during the year, and it had probably been 20 years for Donnie which made it a whole new museum for him.

I've posted a close-up picture of the Miss North Carolina 2012 Arlie Honeycutt gown as my daily.

Here's a picture showing the whole gown.

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Here's a collage of what I thought were the best pics during our visit.

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They have some very informative exhibits.  Donnie really enjoyed the Thomas Day furniture exhibit.  We all enjoyed the Nascar race cars of Dale Earnhardt and Richard Petty.  Johnny enjoyed all the buttons and hands-on exhibits especially the pirate ones.  And, I enjoyed the Miss North Carolina gowns and the Civil Rights exhibits including THE lunch counter.  The Army exhibit that takes your picture as a solider was very popular too.  A great way to spend a hot NC afternoon in the air conditioning.

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