Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ben's Baseball Enthusiasm

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Johnny's team, the Ironbirds, had a game last night.  Unfortunately they lost.  Even so, there are always moments out on the field that are a joy to watch.  This is Ben, the coaches son, and boy can he hit, run, throw, and catch!  A real thrill to watch all around!

I made collages of two of the other kids too:

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I get a real sense of joy capturing these memories and sharing with the other parents...

It is of course much harder to get shots of the action on the field. I missed several plays I would like to have captured.  Maybe next time!

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Major Mom said...

Awesome action shots! It was really hard for me to take pictures of the boys through the chain link fence, and I also am afraid I'll miss something because I'm looking through the viewfinder!