Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's All in the Hands!

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Donnie is patiently working with Johnny to put together an Erector Crane set that he gave him for Christmas.  It's heartwarming to see them sitting at the table finding the pieces and carefully adding them to the progress to far.  I think it makes for a neat picture with Johnny's little hands and Donnie's big hands working together as a team.

Here's a picture of what the crane will look like.  Northern Hydraulics had a much better price just before Christmas!

Crane progress so far:

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Johnny and Donnie:

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For a little boy that needed PT for help gripping a pencil and using his scissors, he's doing a great job working with those small nuts thanks to Donnie's patience.

In the background Joey and I were working on the final stage of his Lego X-Wing fighter ship.  All the wings are done, and we are working on the cockpit.  A picture of that for another day!

The weatherman promised sunny skies by 2PM today.  One can only hope...

My second chemo treatment yesterday went without incident. I just hate the IV in my hand!

A put up a second blog today that talks about formatting urls for use in SmugMug picture captions.  If you're interested, it's here.

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