Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Love You

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Every once in a while I like to pull out my LED color changing base and one of the glass cubes that goes on it and create a picture.  I was at the Dollar Tree store earlier in the week, and bought the glass cube that I used for today's daily.  Two years ago, I created this image from one of the cubes:

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Here's the background of today's shot before I altered the color:

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I rotated it, cropped it to 8X10, and used Color Efex Pro and Color Variations in Elements to adjust the color to my liking.

Here's the original text picture:

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As you can tell, I straightened, cropped, cleaned up the dust, and altered the color.  I had taken about 30 pics  of the cube catching various colors from the LED color changing base, and then I set about picking the most sharp one to work with.

I was going to stick with a dark/black image again, but when I Inverted the image, I really liked the colors and decided to use that version this time around.

There's a simple border and drop shadow around the center image to give it some depth.

Of course there are many other ways I could have packaged the original image up keeping it mostly black or inverting it.  Tons of different color tints or frames.  After trying a few combinations, it was time to pick one.

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