Tuesday, January 10, 2012


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My POTD was taken first thing yesterday morning.  I noticed Johnny sleeping so peacefully on the couch with some wonderful natural light spilling in the window and decided it was worth getting out the tripod and taking his picture before he woke up.  I wish a bit more of his nose and some of his mouth was showing, but I resisted the temptation to start altering the scene.  I ended up liking the flash shot better than the very low light 10 second exposure shot.  Here's a modified version of the low light shot:

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It was a cloudy and rainy here yesterday, and I was busy running around to various doctor's appointments.  The highlight of my day was a nice roasted chicken dinner with Donnie, Joey, and Johnny.  I took this picture which I love, but everything that could go wrong with a flash apparently did:-(  I tried to fix the color and glare as best as I could.

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New PJs for Joey, and they are as cute as they can be:-)

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Trying to stay positive today.  I noticed last night that my hair is starting to come out.  I had hoped that when they said 2-3 weeks after chemo I'd be on the 3 week side.  Nope.  Sigh...  I know it will grow back...and that it's not really important in the scheme of things.  Maybe I can find something to take pictures of today that is exciting.  That always improves my mood:-)

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