Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dream Home

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Life presented a unexpected challenge yesterday. Short story is that my van (2006 Odyssey) needed a new positive battery cable put on. The clamp and nut and housing were so acid eroded that it was affecting the battery from starting the car. This whole thing had me running around yesterday afternoon to several car repair places instead of doing all the things I wanted to do including playing with the kids and taking pics:-( Thank goodness Donnie was able to help me drop my car off and then drive me and the kids home.

Here's a shot I took this past Saturday in Scotland Neck. I love old houses, and every time I go to Scotland Neck now, I have to drive by this one and take a picture. It's just off the main road through town. This is a 3 shot HDR in late day very warm light.

My grandmother taught me to appreciate Victorian Era houses and antiques. Not for sure this classifies as that, but you get the idea. Apparently it is owned but not occupied. I thought it looked a bit lonely. It should have been all decked out for Christmas and had a grand party taking place inside.

During the whole battery fiasco, Donnie took me on a road coming out of Fuquay that I don't normally go on. I saw lots of interesting photo ops and hope to go back soon when I have time to take some pics!  Today?

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