Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Spooky Cheer

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Aunt Debbie gave the boys goody bags for Halloween.  Johnny got a metal skeleton (I took a picture but somehow it's not on my cameras card:-( and Joey got this pumpkin sign.  Well, there were books and gummy candies and creepy spiders and other cool boy stuff in the bags too.  Thank you!  I thought this picture of Joey trying to look scary was kindof cute, and I just didn't get out to shoot in the rain and clouds yesterday.

Here's a picture of Johnny with a pop-up Fairly Odd Parents book that he was delighted with:

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Did you notice Joey's shirt?  Yes, we're into Angry Birds...  Even Donnie and I were playing it on my cell phone last night...the Holiday edition on the Halloween theme:-)

Actually, I did dry by the old homestead yesterday, I just decided the shot wasn't worth processing:

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Always good to see that it's still standing and to think about taking more pictures on another day...maybe even up close again.

My test results were good news yesterday.  The cancer is limited to the left breast and is not present in the right breast as best as we can tell.  Just under two weeks and waiting until the surgery.  It's on my mind a lot.

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