Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hi there!

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I stopped by to see my neighbor Julie the other day and noticed a wonderful autumn set-up on her front porch, so yesterday I went back to try to take some pics when we thought the light would be just right.  Well, it wasn't quite where I really wanted it up under the porch roof, but I took some shots as best as I could anyway.  Thanks to Julie for letting me stop by!

Make sure to look closely at the picture or you'll miss the scarecrow's friend:-)

In this collage, you can see all the decorations on the front porch.  There are things to the left and right of the door.  Wouldn't you like to sit out there for a while?!?

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Besides the view I posted as my daily, here's a slightly wider view of the cool scarecrow:

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We had the nicest surprise show up in the mail yesterday.  Check out these awesome homemade pumpkin men that TinaMarie sent to the boys!

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Both boys went to bed happy and all snuggled up with their new friends.

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