Monday, October 3, 2011

Big Pumpkins

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The big pumpkins are now on display at Porter Farms and Nursery.  When the boys got home from their dad's house yesterday, we went for ice cream and pictures.  Joey was delighted that they had pumpkin flavored ice cream in the freezer case now.  Both boys posed for pictures and enjoyed their ice cream.  We always buy several small pumpkins over the month of October as we go to various farms, produce stands, and stores, but we've never bought a large pumpkin before.  This year we decided to pick one out.  That's going to be something to carve!   Joey even offered to take a pictures of his mom.  Wasn't that sweet?!?  The sun was just killer on our eyes just about no matter which direction we posed.

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The boys are tracked out from their year round school for 3 weeks now.  More fall destinations and orange coming your way in pictures soon:-)

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