Friday, August 12, 2011

School Picture Day

Yesterday was school picture day for the kids. I tried to leave 5 minutes early for school so I'd have time to snap a few quick shots of my own. Joey was in a mood, but Madi and Johnny came through for me with those winning smiles I love. This shot is a few frames after, "Madi, give Johnny a tickle on his tummy." I tried to mess up this shot about every way that I could from the fence line above Madi's head being at the wrong height to not using the flash and getting some grain, but hopefully the clean-up work I did including using the Perfect Portrait 3 action (PSE7) from The Coffee Shop Blog helped. The framing is from OnOne's PhotoFrame. Besides border frames, there are a few layouts too.

Looking for inspiration for dinner tonight?

That's the start of chicken cacciatore substituting yellow squash for eggplant. I eventually added diced tomatoes, white wine, and some tricolor rotini. Yum!

After dinner, I took a short walk with the kids.  Hey, when it's not 100+ it's actually nice to take a stroll:-)


Major Mom said...

Great pictures -- Madi looks so pretty in her blue dress and I LOVE Johnny's shirt!!!!

Maryann Goldman said...

Thanks... Johnny's shirt is an 'Arrow' brand shirt I found at Guardian Angel about a month ago. I was excited to find a green shirt, Johnny's favorite color, and one that was so handsome looking and in such like new condition.