Thursday, August 11, 2011

Barn in the Setting Sun

A barn not too far from the kid's Wednesday night soccer location in Clayton. I was first drawn to the barn a few weeks ago when I noticed the trumpet vine/orange flowers on the front. Either I was running too late or it was cloudy or the sun was too far down for a picture. Thankfully last night on the way home I had enough sunlight and time to stop. Lots of poison ivy in the grasses right in front of the barn, so I was limited in where I could stand. Had the displeasure of a driver coming by and flooring his super loud muffler right near me on purpose. Why do folks do that?!?

HDR, power line and shadow removed, Orton applied at 50%, Vignette applied at 15%.

Spotted a female Summer Tanager in the yard yesterday too.  This shot was taken out my large back deck door window.  Remember, I posted a red male a few weeks ago.  Christine says she's seen fledglings in her yard.  Neat!

Mr. Blue Jay is very hard to catch.  Unfortunately I got window glare on this shot.  The left side of the shot is dark because I'm peeking around the side of the window frame.

Joey gave me a hard time at soccer last night, but he's looking pretty cute here:-)

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