Saturday, August 13, 2011

Blue Jay

Despite the fact that the Blue Jays are the biggest birds that come to my feeders, they are almost the most shy. They must have better eyesight than some of the smaller birds because they seem to see me through the window right away and fly off quick. Still, I'm able to get a few shots of them off here and there, and yesterday I got this shot. Such pretty blue feathers. I actually sortof assumed that I had just one blue jay at the feeders; they all look alike to me, but yesterday in a matter of seconds, I saw two out there, so I suspect I have a pair. Where are the babies?!? Bring them to the feeder please!

I read up on Blue Jays for a bit this AM, and their range is year round in most of the US east of the Rockies. Males and females look alike, and their feathers don't change during the seasons.

I also thought this shot looked neat as a black and white.

This cardinal fledgling was looking quite spunky.

And, this male cardinal fledgling almost has all his adult feathers now.

 We're off to the Museum of Life and Science today for Engineer's Day.

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