Friday, July 8, 2011

Friends at Navarre Park

I took this shot at Navarre Park yesterday. There was a great blue heron hiding in the vegetation and lots of other turtles and ducks too in their medium-sized pond.. I guess this is an Egret although he was smaller than I'm used to seeing. You'll appreciate that I circled the boardwalk around the pond several times trying to get the best picture of him and hoping the heron would come out in the open more.

The kids had a great time at the splash park there:

I stick built this collage in PSE 7.  Aren't they cute all wet and smiling?!?

And, I got a nice pano shot across the sound to the Navarre Beach area:

There was also a small butterfly house there:

I really like the center shot with the wet butterfly wings.  That butterfly was rescued shortly after the shot and went on to fly around.  The orange butterflies are Julias.  The black and yellow guys giant swallowtails. 

We also went onto the Air Force base at Hurlburt Air Field in the morning and saw planes like this:

You can read more information on this plane here.

Johnny was thrilled to see the planes:

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