Thursday, July 7, 2011

Blackwater River State Park

Picture on SmugMug

We went to Blackwater River State Park yesterday for a 1/2 day 4 mile canoe trip.

From Wikipedia:
A blackwater river is a river with a deep, slow-moving channel that flows through forested swamps and wetlands. As vegetation decays in the water, tannins are leached out, resulting in transparent, acidic water that is darkly stained, resembling tea or coffee. Most major blackwater rivers are in the Amazon River system and the Southern United States.

As you can see, the kids had a blast (and so did the moms). This river bottom is sand with some trees. There were lots of sandbars to stop on to get out and swim. The water was 2-3' in most places with just a few deeper spots. On a hot day, it felt great to just sit out in the water and cool off. The kids all took turns paddling in the front while the moms steered from the back. I guess we were on the water about 4 hours total mostly swimming and just hanging out. No critters on the trip except a few huge spiders on a tree trunk that were the size of my palm.

The sky was absolutely gorgeous! Carolina blue;-)

Most of these pics were taken with a new Kodak Easy Sport C123 that's a 12MP camera with a very fixed lens. It's waterproof to 10' (3m). In most shots it did a good job. I'm satisfied for the money with having it as a back-up water day camera. I also bought an Olympus X-560 waterproof camera. It was malfunctioning on the first use. It would lock up, and we'd have to pull the battery to get it back going. It did not leak water...yet. I like the Kodak better.

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