Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lovely Orchids

Yesterday, I took a bunch of pics of my orchids. I have 4 in bloom right now, and each summer when they bloom, I carry them out to my back deck for pics. I put them up on the deck rail with the dark woods in the background and shoot away. This flower always seems to be in the best shot. The background bokeh in this one was my favorite of the bunch too. Shady was almost too dark yesterday, and sunny was too bright. Johnny enjoyed helping as he played nearby.

Now, I have orchids that actually bloom because I have a Floralight Plant rack. Mine is 3 tiers high. And, if you really want healthy indoor plants, you need good light. The only problem with it is having a spot big enough in the house for it and that it gets DUSTY. At any point, with good light all year long and regular watering all I have to do is wash off the leaves a few times a year, and I'm all set.

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