Monday, May 25, 2009

Waterslide Day 2

The kids were back in action on the waterslide at Madi's house today. It takes some effort to set it up and then to dry it off and store it properly, so once it goes up, it's usually up for a couple of days' worth of fun.

Madi and Johnny get the nonstop for 5 hours straight award. Seriously, they only stopped long enough to eat a hot dog and then for popsicles and cupcakes later on. Joey and Bobby weren't far behind them just taking a few more short breaks. Marrah, Tyler, Daniel, Terry, and Sienna all took their turns too. I love going down the big slides at Pump It Up!, but the coldness of the well water is keeping me on the sidelines (not to mention taking pictures of the action).

Daniel and Tyler were taking running leaps from the back to propel themselves quickly down the slide often shooting right out the other end. Daniel took turns throwing the kids in from the side. Tyler was real cute with all the little kids going down with them, lifting them into the air, and holding their hands to the steps. Terry went down several times arms out in front like a profressional diver, and then one time, he took Sienna down with him. Bobby, Madi, Joey, and Johnny were doing cannonballs from the top so they'd bounce their way down the slide and end in a big splash. Plenty of excitement and activity for those of us sitting on the sidelines!

All of today's pics are here.

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