Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Beach!

The boys and I went to our favorite beach spot today near The Oceanic at Wrightsville Beach. I started thinking about going midweek, and with nothing else lined up and really nice weather, we made a go of it.

It takes us about 2 hours to get there. It's an easy ride down I40 at 70mph (or more;-) The boys watched the movie Air Buddies on the way down and Space Buddies on the way back, so they were quite content.

I lucked out parking in the Public Access lot that has the bathroom and outside hoses/shower nozzle. The guy that pulled out of the parking spot that I got handed me 3 hours worth of parking, and at $1.50 an hour, that was much appreciated. Did I mention he was from NY? Yep! NICE GUY!!!

So, we were on the beach from 11-3:30ish. We walked back to the car one time for a bathroom break and to put more time on our parking stub.

Let me tell ya, both boys are crazy about the beach and getting in the water at this point. No hesitation. They don't even feel the water temp before they get in. Joey goes out a bit farther than Johnny, and it does look like Joey is pretty far out in a few of the pics, but really he was never in over his thighs.

I drew hearts in the sand and then Joey got in on the act with hearts and even a Mario type drawing. That was fun.

The kids were good with the other kids they ran into on the beach. Lots of kids having a good time, and lots of parents enjoying that!

Both boys got their faces wet a few times, pouted, and ran to dry off with the towel, but that didn't keep them from going back for more.

Me? Well, I took 250 pics, made sure they stayed safe, and reapplied sunscreen 4 times. Seriously, though, what could be more fun for me than watching them have fun.

We ate at Smithfield's on the way home at the nearly halfway spot in Warsaw and had a Wendy's Frosty for dessert. Nothing like good food to top off a good day on the beach.

The rest of the pics are here.

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