Friday, May 8, 2009

Pictures of Spring

I was very surprised this morning to see this opossum when I took Buddy out to his pen. I'd already taken Sugar and Honey out, and they were barking up a storm. I saw at least one more opossum on the ground in the branches below that tree, and my nextdoor neighbor reported seeing 3 opossums about 100ft. away from this spot in his yard this morning as well. I assume the same group. Very unusual to see them at 9AM. Usually I see them just after dark.

I drove Joey to school this morning, and we left early so we could take pictures on the way.

On John Adams Road, I took several spiderweb and Queen Anne's lace pictures.

Then it was over to Barber Bridge Road to take Oxeye Daisy pictures. Today, I saw a white crab spider on the daisies. I found him fascinating and took bunches of pics of him trying to get a really good shot. Apparently, this spider does not build a web but instead lives on flowers and preys on the insects that visit the flower for food. This spider can change color/has color variations based on the type of flower it's living on too.
We had rain overnight, so the daisy petals glistened in the sun.

I hope to be back out taking more pictures tomorrow...Saturday morning.

The rest of the pics, and there are more, are here.

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Don Miller said...

That is some kind of spider! He looks MEAN!

I've never seem a white spider before, and a spider that size is not something I see often.

Thanks for NOT letting me sleep tonight! AHHH!