Sunday, May 3, 2009

NC Zoo Trip

The boys and I went to the NC Zoo today with Madi. I'd been wanting to go back to the zoo for a few weeks now, so I'm glad we were able to make the trip today. The weather was iffy. It even sprinkled on us a few times on the way there, but after an initial sprinkle at the entrance, it was clear the rest of the day. Cloudy though, and that's a good thing 'cause the zoo can be too hot on a very sunny warm day.

We started on the Africa end and moved to North America...our usual route. The kids were REALLY interested in the bronze statues near the elephants:-) I could barely keep up with them posing...serious. Too cute!

We were especially pleased to see the lion awake for a change. We only saw the male. The female was not visible although Joey swore she was laying in the grass.

I had warned the kids to not fight over who could sit in the stroller. It's a 2-seater. Part of the time they compromised and took turns 2 riding and 1 walking. Joey decided it was easier to let Johnny sit on his lap. Madi let him sit on her lap some too. A few times they bickered, and I made all 3 of them walk. I still wanted the stroller to lean on;-)

Over in North America, we were just delighted by the animals that swam before us in front of their windows. The river otters have put on a good show most trips, but this time Willie the polar bear was awake and swimming too. What a delight!

We had our usual mid zoo ice cream break. Yum. We almost did the carousel this time, but it clouded up (?rain) and I decided to press forward to North America (it's at the midway point) instead of potentially wasting precious time waiting to ride.

I think one of my best pics today is the anole with his throat all puffed out, and he was a native zoo dweller and not in an exhibit!

So, we got there around 10:45 and left around 4:30. 5 ours is about right to see everything. The only thing we didn't do was go in the tropical plant 'house'. They had a special orchid show going on, but I just didn't feel like seeing tropical foliage today. More animals! (the kid kind included)

I'm probably leaving something out, but you get the gist. Ask the kids what they thought if you see them...

The rest of the pics are here.

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