Friday, September 12, 2008

Kids and Cameras

For a while now, the kids have been interested in taking pictures. I gave Joey an inexpensive, but real, Kodak camera about 2 years ago. Occassionally he would get it out and go to crazy taking pics of things interesting to him in the house. I came across a 3.1MP Sony Cybershot at the local thrift store for $5 and gave it to Johnny for his recent 4th birthday. Now that both boys have a camera, their interest in taking pictures has increased, and they are just going to town taking pics.

One of their absolute favorite things to take pics of is each other taking pics. They also enjoy taking pics of mom and dad, toys, and any decorations up in the house.

Here are links to 3 albums from this week. The pics that start 100_ are Joey's camera. The ones that start DSC00 are Johnny's camera.

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