Thursday, September 11, 2008

It's all in the name...

I'm proud to report that Johnny successfully wrote his name for the first time yesterday. He's been trying for months, but last night it all came together. The letters were in the right order, he said what they were, I used lines to help him make the letters a reasonable size, and most important, he made the 'N' all on his own. N has been giving him lots of trouble.

Please take a minute to click on the link below to watch the videos of him in action. I had to break it up into two small videos to keep the size small enough for upload to Picasa. And, also, please ignore Joey's crying; he was having an extra tough night

Pictures and videos are here.

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amertya said...

You r good mom .when i read your blog,i feel warm and want to have a family as you .