Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Wonderful Surprise

Sometimes on Saturday I'm not sure what I want to do...believe it or not! The boys and I headed out midmorning, and I figured I'd get a coffee drink at Leapin' Lizards and the rest would somehow fall into place. The sky was REALLY pretty today with bright blue and wonderful white clouds. I sure wish the sky had been this way on our trip to Dad's house. Anyway, I decided to take a drive down John Adams Road and then down Norman Blalock Road. Norman Blalock is where the spooky old tree is. I was just hoping for some cool bird to be roosting on it's branches. However, what I found was this brilliant white bird in the pond next to the tree. Apparently, it's an egret, and he's a type of heron. Neat! So, the boys and I were enjoying watching the bird. Occassionally he'd bend forward to grab something from the water to eat. Next thing we knew, a white horse walked up to the pond to drink. I wasn't really even aware that there were horses nearby let alone that they had access to the tree/pond area. The white horse was followed by another mostly white horse and a brown horse. Neat! I figured the bird would fly off right way, but he wasn't bothered by the horses at all. They came, drank, and went back to the pasture, and the egret just kept walking around the pond. How neat is that? I was as close as the fence would let me. Enjoy...
The boys and I ended up running errands at ACM, Party City, Toys R Us, Kohl's and then going to Adventure Landing. We tried to go to Bullwinkles, but they were closed. The boys had a blast playing miniature golf and video games. Joey enjoyed climbing the climbing wall even though he wasn't able to scale it like he did at the fair last year. Both boys got on the go carts, and Johnny had a blast going around once, but then he stopped and hopped out and said he was done. Joey as you can see from his pics was leaning into the curves and having a blast. Anway, we found our something;-) We finished the day with Smithfield's...yum!
Here are the best pics, and here are all the pics.

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