Wednesday, July 23, 2008


The Vollmer Family headed out on their journey to Omaha today. It's really hard to see such good friends go. I thought I'd put up a few of my favorite and representative pics of all the good times we shared together while I'm trying to cope.

This is Joey and Jacob at the RLP Clifford class Christmas Party on 12/20/2005. Their love of trains and friendship basically started the ball rolling.

Even thought Johnny and Timmy weren't in preschool yet, they ended up spending a lot of time together because Joey and Jacob were having playdates and hanging out at the park. They're close in age with Johnny only being 6 months older, so they had some things in common and became attached too. Trains were also a common theme for them:-)

We got to do a lot of really cool things with the Vollmer Family like going to airshows that I never would have taken the kids to on their own. Of course there were many zoo trips, a few trips to the beach, and lots of local museums too!

And of course we got to meet a lot of other great, new friends too!

Not too many pictures of me and Patricia since we were always taking pictures of our kids or having our pictures taken with our kids, but Don managed to capture this moment at my 40th birthday party.

Some people come into your life that are truly wonderful and special and no matter how far away they live or what they move on to do, they always hold a special place in your heart. That's definitely the case here!


Major Mom said...

sniff sniff...from Martinsville VA

Mandakini/Margaret said...

What a sweet photo tribute. So sweet that my sister has forgotten that she is in WV and not VA ;0)

I'm sniffing over here too...