Saturday, July 26, 2008

Johnny's 4th Birthday

We had Johnny's 4th birthday Party today at The Little Gym in Holly Springs. The theme was The Incredibles. Besides Thomas and Cars, Johnny really loves The Incredibles. It all started one day when we were eating lunch at Blimpies at the Fuquay Wal-Mart and Mr. Henry had The Incredibles DVD playing on the store TV. We owned the DVD, but the boys had paid it no attention. I replayed it for Johnny at home later that week, and he was hooked.
We were joined today by Madi, Eli, Grayson, Celeste, Delaney, Jonathan, and Steven. There were special guest appearances by Poppop, Aunt Debbie, Mr. Henry, and Mr. Don too. Mr. Corey, Ms. Molly, and the rest of the TLG staff really did a nice job of setting up the party room, leading the kids in both group and free play activities in the gym, and serving up birthday cake.
I ended up using eBay to find the cute party masks and rings. The cute red hats I found at Let's Celebrate at Hwy. 40/42. And, thankfully, our local HT still had the cake template in stock.
I bought a nice short sleeve The Incredibles shirt for Johnny, but it was TOO BIG, so mom used an iron and made one.
I have to mention that we all did miss Jacob and Timmy who were hopefully having fun going to the Air and Space Museum near Dulles Airport today while visiting their maternal grandparents on their way to Omaha.
Thanks to everyone who took time out of their weekend to come help us celebrate today. It was great to see everyone, and Johnny definitey had a blast. This is the first time he knew it was all about him, and you could tell he was delighted.
The rest of today's pics are here. Just scoot past the too low light Egret pics early on in the album.

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