Thursday, May 8, 2008

Wow! That's a Great Blue Heron!

I got up early and went back to Lake Wheeler by myself this morning. I had Starbucks (bottle), digital camera, and my 'real' camera with me:-) I saw the forecast and saw the clouds but thought just maybe some sunlight would squeeze through right at daybreak. It didn't really, but seems I had enough light to get some decent pictures anyway.

There must be 20 Great Blue Herons around Lake Wheeler at least. I saw them flying all over as soon as I arrived. They were up near the dam, and they were back by the boat dock area.

I settled on the dock that I've been on the past two days and waited to see what I could get. What I posted below is off the digital camera. Hopefully later today, I'll get the 400mm prints printed and uploaded.

I never did see the birds wading on the side of the lake where I took shots the last two days, but I did get some shots of them up near a little gazebo area with the 400mm lense. And some inflight (hopefully in frame) pics. I kept hoping they'd go to 'their spot'. But, then this one Great Blue Heron decided to come hang out on the dock beside mine. And, he stayed there for over 10 minutes! I got 400mm lense pics and then lots of digital pics of him. Wow! What a show!

He pranced around a bunch, and he also bent down into the water and snagged a few fish. Do you see the size of what's in his mouth? Wow! The bird off to the right in that shot is a Cormorant again.

I really enjoyed this outing and hope to do it again sometime.

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