Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Getting Ready

If you haven't heard, I'm going to display some of my sunset, sunrise, and nature pictures at Coffee & Crepes in Cary February 26th through March 26th. I'm pretty excited! I look at the art (pictures, paintings, quilt squares, etc.) they swap in and out there when I go in each week for a frappe on my way to RTP. Finally I called and asked what it takes to display art. Turns out, it's not too hard to get on the list. They reviewed my work, offered me a slot, and I signed up. I wasn't expecting it to happen so quick. It was just an innocent inquiry. One minute I was just thinking about it; the next minute I was doing it.

To get ready, I'm working on which pics to print, what sizes to print them, what frames to use, what color mattes if any, etc. I debated for a while what kind of card/literature to give out at the show and to leave in the store. I'll have some of the 4x6 2008 picture calendars at the show, and I'll leave a business card with my website and e-mail address on it in the store. You say, website address? I registered (.com and .net were already taken) last week. With a lot of help from my retired friend (you know who you are!), I now have a basic website which can be expanded later.

I've also framed my first picture tonight! I'm comparing the same picture printed at a few different labs to see who has the best quality for the best price. I just don't know how I'm gonna keep 25 frames around the house for nearly a month unbroken as I prepare them for the show.

Like I said, this is exciting. It's not for money, it's for the thrill of taking cool pics and sharing them with folks.

I've had a camera in my hand since I was way little and Dad gave me his old Brownie (square pics) then a Minolta 110 with a glass lense and then a Ricoh 35mm. Rick gave me a Minolta 35mm and my first 2MP digital...a Kodak. Plus, I've had two Cannon digitals now (Powershot SG2 and a Powershot SG3 which Dad bought me Christmas 2006). I see Joey and Johnny's (and Madi's) excitement about taking pictures taking off, and it's exciting all over again.

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