Thursday, January 1, 2015

Snowman Plate and Snowball Candle

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A scene from my January tablescape.  I picked up the Sakura plate at Guardian Angel last year.  I decided it was high time to burn the snowball candle that I've had sitting in my candle stash for years.  I think they look pretty cool together.  The snowman doesn't seem worried he'll melt.

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Last year the Sakura plates were the focal point of my December/January table.  This year, I just used one plate as an accent.  I had hoped to have enough snowflake pattern Correlle plates, but I did not.  Maybe I can collect enough by next year.  Oh, but I like these even better!  I used the blue circle pattern instead.

The big musical snowman snowglobe is another Guardian Angel find from years ago.  I think it makes a nice focal point for the table.  The tall candle holder, snowflake vase filled with ornaments, placemats, fabric napkins and rings, glasses, and coffee mugs are also GA finds.

I really am wishing for snow and hoping my snowflake theme helps bring some our way.

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