Sunday, January 18, 2015

Polar Bear

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We made our January, school is tracked out, trek to the NC Zoo on Friday.  The temp was near 50, the sun was out for the first time in a week, and the winds were reasonably calm so we were comfortable.  The parking lot was near empty.  I bet the zoo didn't have even 200 visitors that day.  it was a real hardship that the ice cream stand at the midway junction point was closed.  Still, we had a great time.  The new polar bear exhibit opened a few weeks ago, and the one remaining polar bear, Anana, was having a blast going back and forth between the old and new exhibits.  I was pretty impressed with the extra polar bar space, and I can't wait for the zoo to add some additional polar bears.  It was such a sad loss when Patches passed away last fall.

We walked the entire zoo.  We skipped the chimps when we heard the lion roar, and the gorilla exhibit is being expanded, so we missed that and the 'orchid' house.  Cools days are usually good days for animal activity, and we really enjoyed visiting with the animals.  Enjoy the flamingo and zebra pics below along with a collage of our day.  Poor Donnie cannot get any peace at the zoo.  The boys want to play the ENTIRE day.  They loved Donnie play sitting on top of them on the benches begging him for a repeat every time they spotted a bench.  

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Lion Video
The Deer

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