Monday, October 6, 2014

My Lucky Day - A Monarch Sighting

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I just cannot tell you how excited I was to spot 3 Monarch Butterflies at The Garden Hut today.  One minute I was taking a few sunflower shots, and the next thing I new, Monarchs were fluttering on the tall, orange flowers nearby.  Honestly, I'm not sure what these flowers are.  They are over my head and resemble a Zinnia.  Whatever they are, the Monarchs seemed to really like them.  I took some shots and then the butterflies flew away.  I walked around for a while browsing, and then as I was leaving, I took some more shots.  As luck would have it, this crisp shot was the last one I took.  It was quite windy, and the butterfly and flower kept being blown out of the frame as I was shooting.  Well, I may not have taken very many butterfly shots this summer, but this shot makes up for it!

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