Sunday, September 7, 2014

September Tablescape

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Today was the day!  I put away the lime green and teal blue tablescape items from July and put out the yellow, navy blue, and white items for September.  I'm pleased with how the table looks, but I'm already contemplating the next tablescape.  And of course, Joey and Johnny wanted to know why we couldn't put out the Halloween stuff:-)  Soon, I promise!

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I always use Corelle plates for my tablescapes, and this time I used the Country Cottage pattern which I remember picking up at Wal-Mart in the after Thanksgiving sale nearly two years ago.  The placemats, napkin rings, and napkins came from my favorite thrift store, Guardian Angel.  Placemats and cloth napkins usually go for 50 cents each, and a set of 4 napkin rings ranges from $1 to $3.      

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The glasses, blue vase, accent plates, and candle holders all came from Guardian Angel too.  Since the glasses have a weighted bottom with a paperweight-like design, I remember paying $1 a piece for them with no discount, but often you can find glasses cheaper with their buy one get one free deal.  The blue vase was $10, but I fell in love and thought it was worth it since it would be the focal point of the table.  Most of the accent plates and candle holders were in the $1 - $3 range.

I used PartyLite candles, my favorite, again this month too.  Gotta have a candle or 10 on the table!

I was able to pull together this table refresh on a budget, and I sure did have a lot of fun gathering the items, planning out the layout, and putting everyone out this morning.

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