Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Chinese Flame Tree

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I thought this was some sort of Chinese lantern tree,and when I Googled it, I found a similar picture labeled Chinese Flametree. Some liken it to the flowers of a bougainvillea and call it bougainvillea raintree. There are about 6 of these trees in Fuquay-Varina near the 5 points intersection (Sheetz). An abandoned business sits on the corner, and considering the prominent spot, I suspect someone will buy the land and put up a new building. I sure hope they save the trees when they do that! They are 25' tall and nearly as wide and totally gorgeous. I picked up some lantern pods from the ground, and I wonder if I can germinate the seeds.  I'll give it a try.

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It's in the 60s here today, still sprinkling, breezy, and cloudy.  I took over 100 pics, but they weren't very sharp.  I've done some post processing to try to bring back a little detail and saturation.  I will make an effort to go take more pics of these beautiful leaves when the sun is back.

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