Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Life's a Glitch

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A really cool pin I saw at Guardian Angel today.  It seemed to fit the day I was having.  I have a Windows 8 Samsung ATIV laptop, and I have been avoiding the frequent prompts to go to Windows 8.1, then last week, I accidentally let 8.1 go on.  The only reason I didn't want to upgrade was that I hadn't made back-up boot disks for my computer, and I wanted to do that just in case.  Immediately after 8.1 went on, my  machine display went dim, and the brightness controls no longer worked.  I could read the screen, but it was like being in a dungeon.  Also, I couldn't adjust the direction of the touchpad scroll.  I did a lot of research on these issues, and I switched the display driver from Intel and Radeon to Microsoft Basic, and that got the brightness back.  But, then I put on a Windows Update, and my machine wouldn't boot.  I had to go into safe mode to repair it, and then after the repair, the display was dim again.  Now tonight it's back bright.  I can't process photos on this machine when it's dim.  I'm a girl that likes a bright screen.  So here's hoping the glitch is gone and things stay bright!  I've got First Lego League tomorrow, and I'm counting on my machine working so the kids can use it.  The touchpad issue I'm just ignoring and using a mouse.  

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