Monday, September 22, 2014

Johnny Pond Landform School Project

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This is a project Johnny did for school. He was assigned to write a paper on ponds and to create a pond model. He originally wanted to use Playdough. I suggested instead that he use acrylic water. We looked at several vases that had the acrylic water in them at Guardian Angel, and he liked the idea. We hunted plastic shapes for the pond and came across one that was both irregular yet still symmetrical that was about the right size. The acrylic water is quite expensive. In order to make sure we had enough to fill the container with just one kit, we looked at using marbles or rocks as the pond bottom. Pretty cool that the rocks also look like a real pond bottom! The fish in the pond are fishing lures put on toothpicks so that they would stay in place when the acrylic was poured. Felt was used to make a grassy area and walkway around the pond. Johnny got some silk flowers and some figurines from Guardian Angel that we also glued on. We got Donnie to cut out the box lid to match the pond shape. I was too afraid Johnny and I would screw it up. Donnie did a good job. Johnny had fun and was pleased with the results as was I. Our only problem...the acrylic never really dried and we're going on day 8 as I write this.

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