Saturday, July 19, 2014

Dragonfly Perch

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I took this picture of a dragonfly in my yard today.  I've been really lazy about taking too many picture outside this year because I just can't stand either mosquito bites or insect repellent.  After I mowed, weed eated the yard, and blew the driveway, steps, and porch, I decided a few pictures were in order since I was already geared up for outside and hot and sweaty.  While there are very few butterflies around, I am noticing many dragonflies and damselflies.

I was pleased to get in 4+ miles and nearly 8000 steps on my Fitbit doing the yardwork.  Donnie would use the tractor to mow, but I want the exercise.

Here's another dragonfly.

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And a butterfly.

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