Thursday, July 17, 2014

Cape Fear River Canoe Trip

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Donnie and I want on a canoe trip Thursday on the Cape Fear River via Cape Fear River Adventures.  They run out of Lillington, NC only 20 minutes away from home.  I'd been wanting to canoe on the Cape Fear since I hiked to the Raven Rock State Park Fish Traps a few years ago and saw all the canoes going over the rocks there.  For this trip, we picked the 2 hour wildlife adventure on a lazy part of the river that took us about 2 miles.  This trip had two class 1 rapid areas that were fairly easy to maneuver.  We beached the canoe twice to swim, went through the rock garden (second class 1 rapids) twice, and took a small offshoot of the river near our pick-up spot to do some extra exploring.  I had a great time, and a real thanks to Donnie for going on the adventure with me.  

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