Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What a Catch!

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Track out for the kids is winding down.  They go back to school tomorrow.  On the one hand, I could use a break, but on the other hand I am already missing these fun times.  I'm a little weepy since our beloved Blaze passed last week, and seeing the kids growing up so quick isn't helping.  Thankfully, as some of the activities that we used to do fade away new ones engage us.

Yesterday the kids and I went to Pullen Park where we rode the carousel and train and played on the playground.  We intended to get on the pedal boats there, but they weren't open.  We headed over to Lake Johnson and went on the pedal boats there...for an hour.  Let me tell you, that is a lot of pedaling.  The kids took turns, but I stayed in my spot the entire time.  Fortunately, my leg muscles don't seem any worse for wear today.  We were treated to some interesting wildlife while we were out on the water.  We watched a great blue heron fly past us gliding over the water.  We saw several cormorants gathering on a log in shallow water.  We saw barn swallows and their nests under the road bridge.  We even saw two Canada Goose nests and had a goose follow us and beg us for food.  Near the end, I took my daily shot.  One of the cormoants was wrestling a huge fish.  I couldn't tell what he had as I took the shot just tried to focus as best as I could as the boat swayed on the water and the kids had a water fight.  Ah the things a photographer has to work through:-)  It is extremely cropped, but I thought it was the most interesting shot that I took yesterday.

Here are our best pics from Pullen Park.  If you look closely, you'll see that I took another shot of the kids on the big M at the playground.

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And here are our best pics from Lake Johnson.

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