Friday, April 25, 2014

NS8114 Heritage Train

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On the way home from Johnny's baseball game last night, we crossed over the railroad tracks in Fuquay -Varina where several Norfolk Southern train engines usually park overnight.  To mine and Johnny's surprise, there was a bright and shiny new red engine.  What?!?  All the Norfolk Southern engines are black, right?  No!  See here.  It was almost dark, but I stopped and snapped a few shots hand held at 3200 ISO.  The engine had drawn quite a crowd and other photogs and train enthusiasts were there snapping away too.  On the way home, I started debating whether or not I could get up early the next morning and get a better shot/light.  Tool cool an opportunity to miss.

Just so happens that I stirred at 5:45AM this morning, so I got up and went to see if the NS 8114 was still on the track. I got there around 6:20AM. Several other photogs and train enthusiasts were again already there. I asked one of them how we got so lucky to have this specially painted Norfolk Southern train in Fuquay-Varina. He said it was requested to go to a historical train meeting in Fayetteville, NC tomorrow. I didn't get more details:-( I took a bunch of bracketed shots with my tripod.  Around 6:40AM it pulled out, and I got a video plus had time to get across town to take pics at another spot. Way cool stuff! I liked the rumble in my chest when the engineer blew the horn.

My daily is a shot from this morning tht Google did an HDR on and which I then used some other filters to finesse bit more.

Second favorite shot/post processing today.

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Video Fuquay-Varina Depart At a crossing in Fuquay-Varina on Main Street.
SmugMug Link Engineer making final checks before departing.  Love that 'door' in the front of the engine.
SmugMug Link Best shot from the night before when it pulled up.  Taken from the other side of the tracks.
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